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By Admin March 29, 2018

All animals deserve to experience a life without pain, loneliness or hunger. We also want them to know what it feels like to be loved and cherished, despite anything that might have happened to them.

Rescue cats and kittens aren’t broken. They may have been crushed by rejection, hurt by the pain of dismissal and of being thrown away like an unwanted piece of trash, or just the horror of being abused. In reality they simply have experienced a bit more life than other cats and kittens. Why are we bringing this distasteful subject up? We are asking you to take the time to meet those cats and kittens that don’t stand out to you. Look at the ones that are scared and hide under the bed or blankets. Or even the ones those that hiss and growl or shake and cry, or just look at you in confusion and fear. Check out the ones that cower or those with the boring colors or maybe the ones who are even missing limbs. Look at the ones that seem beyond repair, or seem to have given up.

Why? Because they are not broken: They just want the recognition that they still have some value, that someone actually wants them and needs them. The desperate hope that they can make you as happy as you can make them.

If they were human we would call them wise and a survivor against all odds. They would be the ones with so many tales to tell and many stories to write, the ones who were dealt a bad hand, and then who responded with courage and did whatever they needed to do to survive.

Don’t pity them. They don’t want pity. Do something instead.

Donate. Volunteer. Foster. Adopt.

They really need you. Or maybe you just really need them…

K.S. – Purebreds Plus Volunteer