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Big Day of Giving (BDOG) 2023

Heartfelt stories…

100% of BDOG donations go to the cats and kittens in need!


A second chance…

A very dirty, extremely friendly, white Persian in a trap set near a feral colony? How can that happen? But yes, that is how he was found. This poor boy had been abandoned – he had no microchip and his owners had moved away and just left him to fend for himself.  His savior contacted PPCR. She knew he was not an outside cat and she wanted to get him the vet care he obviously needed.  She wanted him to have a chance at a safe and happy life.  PPCR was happy to take him on.

This handsome boy was given a bath, given the vet care he so desperately needed and he turned out to be so very sweet and loving. He craved, and adored, human attention and, despite his experience, quickly endeared himself to everyone that has met him. Callen was quickly adopted by a wonderful family who had recently lost one of their cats.  Callen has helped heal their hearts and is now pampered and loved.   

It’s no secret that we see pets from all walks of life at Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. Some animals arrive because they were lost and alone on the street trying to survive. Some arrive because their owners abandon them. No matter their background, we are here to give them a second chance at life, to act as a safe haven for those in need. We feel their need and do our best to fill it for them.


A Helping Hand…

Bobby found himself at a shelter and it sure seemed that he had been abandoned.  He was covered in pee and poo.  He was skin and bones and had tapeworms so bad they would just fall out of him. To top it off he has cerebellar hypoplasia also known as “wobbly cat syndrome”. The fact is the disease is not contagious or painful, nor is it progressive.  Cats with the condition can live long and happy lives with a little extra care and attention. Despite all of this he is so very sweet and loving.

Bobby was so excited when he got his very first toy from his foster and eventually played probably for the first time!   He is also able to see the other kitten fosters and is very interested in playing. He is already showing some improvement with his ability to get around now that he is in a safe place and knows it. It is so amazing what a little love and attention can do. PPCR will continue to focus on getting Bobby healthy and happy so that we can eventually find the “perfect” home where he will be treasured.

What makes Bobby’s story stand out to many of us, is how quickly some people will give up on a companion who simply requires a helping hand that they are unable or not prepared to give. At this time of year, let us all rededicate ourselves to being kind and offering that helping hand.


The luck of the Irish…

Sashi was attacked by a large dog when she was only 3 weeks old. She had multiple injuries on her face, neck, and belly. We were concerned about potential neurological issues but we were not going to give up on this precious little girl.

We had her examined, and various X-rays done, to review for any potential neurological issues. It looked good, but only time would tell for sure.  Meanwhile, she was put on antibiotics to prevent any possible infections. She is now about ~4 months old and is doing wonderfully!  She has no handicaps because of the attack…she has recovered 100%.  She is a beautiful blue-eyed girl who adores humans and would love a kitty buddy to hang out with!

In rescue we have many dedicated volunteers who spend hours every week, in some cases hours every day, helping cats in need. Generally, the names you see on our website are those of our foster moms, but we have even more volunteers behind the scenes doing administrative work, managing our database entry, evaluating applications, checking references, transporting kittens/cats, and making updates to the websites where we list our rescue kitties. As always, we give thanks to all our volunteers, adopters, and supporters. Together we make miracles, one kitten at a time


A zest for life…

It’s funny how we end up with some of our kittens and cats.  Hobbes was no exception. We were told he had a “wound”, but PPRC can handle that and many times it is much worse.   We had quite a surprise! When the foster took him out of his carrier, his right front leg was completely useless and was just flopping around. This was a little more than just a “wound”! We have no idea how this happened, but we knew we really needed to help this little guy.

We took him to the vet the next day for an exam. The vet was not very hopeful about saving the leg, however, we spent weeks treating the “wound”, changing dressings, applying ointments to it, and dosing him with antibiotics. He did learn to wave his leg around but he never regained any control.  The decision was made in early September to amputate his leg.  Hobbes had his front leg removed on November 2nd.  He recovered very quickly. When he was allowed to join the other kittens, he quickly showed how resilient he really was!  He ran, he wrestled and he jumped up the cat trees and dashed across the furniture. The removal did not slow him down, it sped him up! He no longer had this lifeless limb to drag around. He also fell in love with all his humans!

Despite everything, Hobbes is a total lover boy! He is a happy, light-hearted soul, calm but playful, and social but not needy. Hobbes is way beyond special and just might be the sweetest boy his foster has ever cared for. A lovely retired couple saw him and fell head over heels for him. Hobbes is now home forever and will be cherished and loved for the rest of his life.

When Hobbes came to us in his poor condition, we knew we could have a problem with him regaining his zest for life. He showed us just how much zest he has! Our hearts soar when these little ones come back even better than they were. It helps remind us just how important our work is for them…and for us.


Sometimes it is just not enough…

We received an SOS from a shelter for Glacier.  We had received no other information about the cat except his name, and his registered microchip.

Glacier was a Bengal, estimated to be 7 years old, who was in deplorable condition. He was only 6 pounds and should have been 11-12.  When we received him, he was showing severe signs of ataxia which is no coordination or control over movement in the legs or other areas of the body.  With the other issues being exhibited, we knew we had no time to waste.  We immediately brought him to an emergency vet, which we knew was the right thing to do. We admitted him in an attempt to get him stabilized. He was immediately treated with antibiotics and IV fluids.  A complete blood panel was done as well as complete body X-ray’s to try and identify what the issue might be.  Nothing stood out on any of the tests completed. Based on his condition and symptoms they prescribed a special antibiotic for toxoplasmosis and we brought him home. We hoped to see an improvement in 3-4 days.

Initially, he seemed to do better, but by the end of the week he had lost another ½ pound and his condition continued deteriorating.  We immediately brought him to our trusted veterinarians.  They reviewed all the tests and the efforts since we had had him.  They believed it was a neurological issue that due to his general body condition was beyond help.  How long had this been going on? Why didn’t his owners do something sooner? We will never know. We made the extremely hard decision to set him free. We sent him over the rainbow bridge, so he could be free from the pain and suffering.

There are times when the road ahead can seem just too far to walk when the chance of a favorable outcome seems too remote to motivate the steps required, but in rescue, the cats in our care remind us each day of how much they depend on us.  How can you know when to say goodbye? Our furry friends are conditioned to hide any pain or injury—just as their wild predecessors would do. As their people, we have to look closely to see that something is wrong.  Ultimately, we have the ability to give them a gift. We can set them free. Goodbyes are never easy, old or young, but we have to be the bigger being and say goodbye when we know in our hearts, they are ready—regardless if we are.


You can’t give up…

Pippin was left at the front door of an animal shelter in an Easter Basket. She was ice cold, barely breathing and terribly underweight. The staff was surprised she was even still alive.  PPCR was asked to take this little girl on. We could see the potential in this baby and are so lucky to have had her.

The little girl was given lots of love and care to get her healthy again.  She never gave up and came through with flying colors! She was put on medication for her upper repository infection and we saw improvements pretty quickly.  She grew into an adorable and beautiful little girl, with a spunky and loving personality! She is curious and isn’t afraid to take on pretty much anything.  Pippin was adopted quickly by a couple that had fallen in love with her.

Fosters are dedicated to our kitties and sometimes get thrown a curveball when the kitten has medical conditions that are challenging and demand the extra attention to get them healthy. When the final results for these kitties pay off, it is the ultimate reward for us. This kind of success is why we keep investing our hearts to help these special felines…over and over again.