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Adoption Application


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This is the first step in the adoption process to your new kitty.  The second step is to contact the foster home listed on the specific cats or kittens you are interested in to find out more. Are you adopting a kitten? Kittens do best when they have a friend or two to grow up with! Kittens who grow up with another feline friend tend to be well-behaved, well-adjusted, and overall happier.  Purebred Plus Cat Rescue kittens are typically adopted as pairs or as single kittens’ to homes with an appropriate feline playmate.  If you prefer only one kitten, we strongly encourage you to consider one of our wonderful older kittens or young adult cats that are available!

Our standard adoption fee for cats or kittens in a PPCR foster home or in our Owner Placement program is $175, unless otherwise stated on the posting.

We do not ship cats.

We have wonderful cats and kittens for adoption to loving people who provide:

  • INDOOR only.
  • No declawing or tendonectomy, etc.
  • Proper grooming for long-haired cats and kittens.
  • Proper play time and loving attention.
  • Proper veterinary care, food and water.

Adoption Application

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