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Special Kitties You Helped in 2020

How Your Support Helps Them!

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Phoebe Ann

Sometimes you can’t give up…

Phoebe Ann came into rescue at only 3 weeks old. At 8 weeks old she was unable to put weight on her left back leg! Somehow she had developed a severe infection possibly from playing with other kittens! We were afraid she might lose her leg. We rushed her to a vet who ran a battery of tests and started her on a high dose of antibiotics. Her foster performed physical therapy on her daily to help with the rehabilitation. She now has a slight limp but the best news is that it worked! This sweet girl has pulled through! We are thrilled for her as she has a long life ahead including running and jumping with a little kitten mischief thrown in.

Fosters are dedicated to our kitties and sometimes are thrown a curve ball when they have medical conditions that are challenging and demand tireless hours of supportive and vet care to get them healthy and thrive. When the final results for these kitties pay off, it is the ultimate reward. This kind of success is why we keep investing our hearts to help these special felines…over and over again.

Matthew aka Mattie

Sometimes it’s the second around…

Mattie needed a new home at only 3 years old. His owner was not doing well and she had to be moved to a nursing home. Her daughter-in-law called Purebreds Plus for help. The daughter-in -law had him shaved as he was extremely matted. He was also diagnosed with urine crystals so was on medicine for a short time to eliminate them. Due to the urine crystals he will be on a special diet for the rest of his life. Mattie was a joy to foster once he felt safe! He found his new home very quickly! An adopter fell in love with Mattie and he is now in his new home that has two other Persians and is as happy as can be.

When we take a cat into the PPCR fold, it’s all about giving them the vet care and comfort they need. The biggest gift we give them is love. Our goal is always to have them live out their life in a forever home.


Sometimes you have to take a chance…

Lori was only 4 years old and when she was dropped at a local shelter. She had extensive hair loss, a severe skin infection around her neck and crusty scabs all over her body and the shelter had added her to the euthanasia list. Purebreds Plus took this little girl on. We immediately learned from our vet that the reaction was probably due to an extreme flea allergy. We could handle that! We gave her a bath and got her on flea meds and she cleared right up! Lori is now in her forever home as an only cat being spoiled as we write this!

What makes her story stand out, to many of us, is how quickly some people will give up on a companion who simply requires a helping hand that they are unable or not prepared to give. At this time of year, let us all rededicate ourselves to being kind and offering that helping hand.

Phoebe aka Phancy Phoebe

Sometimes we have baggage…

Phoebe originally was a breeder cat.  She came into rescue very thin and had a flea allergy which we handled immediately. We had her spayed and discovered she actually had a severe internal infection. The vet was surprised she had survived long enough to come in to be spayed!  Phoebe was progressing well and learning to love and trust use humans again. We were sure we were on the way! Phoebe suddenly seemed out of sorts so her foster immediately brought her to the vet due to her history! Thank goodness the foster did! Phoebe had emergency surgery to remove a blockage – a large nasty hairball.  She had chronic irritable bowel syndrome with a deep localized infection from the blockage. She was put on antibiotics, a special diet and has fully recovered! Check out Phoebe who is now doing great and is looking for her forever home!

Everyone has baggage, even cats and kittens. Animals can come with some of the same kinds of baggage humans have–not trusting, not fitting in, giving up, pain and even heartache. Situations and events mold cats much as they do humans, but if we are willing to help them unpack that baggage and make them feel safe and loved, they will become amazing companions.


Sometimes it’s pure luck…

This sweet girl weighed only one pound and was on the euthanasia list!  This year there have been many kitties put on the euthanasia list due to COIVD 19 restrictions at shelters. We reached out to bring her into the Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue fold.  Tigerlily had a really bad kitty cold with eyes that were completely crusted shut.  We immediately used warm compresses on her eyes.  It took some time, but eventually we got her eyes open. We nursed her back to health and she has turned into a gorgeous girl!  Her markings and personality indicate she is a Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal.  This in itself is so amazing and unexpected, almost magical! What a dear, lovable girl she has grown into. This little princess will soon be available for her forever home!

It’s no secret that we see pets from all walks of life at Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. Some animals arrive because they were lost, alone and abandoned on the street trying to survive. Others arrive because some circumstance makes it impossible for their person to keep them, and so it becomes our goal to find them a new home. Some are sick and injured, some are healthy and some have never known what a true “home” could be. No matter their background we are here to act as a safe haven for those in need. 


Sometimes it’s one thing after another…

Pink was surrendered to a Southern CA shelter.  We knew we could find her a home she was only a year old! Pink was her name as someone had dyed her back…yes Pink! We had Pink for a week and noticed she was losing weight and just was not looking healthy.  We took her to a vet and have a variety of diagnostics run.  She had a high white count and a low calcium level. It seemed to work at first and then the second wave it she started having seizures and another medication was added.  During one seizure she bite her tongue and her muzzle was covered in blood.   We took her to an emergency vet that had a specialist and identified the rare issue called Hypoparathyroidism. This is strange congenital defect that only manifests in the second year of life as the hormones from the parathyroid steadily decline. She was kept for a couple of days to stabilize and then went home with her foster.  The fix? Calcium gluconate or Tums and Calcitriol which helps the body absorb the calcium.  Pink will need them for the rest of her life. Pink was adopted recently and the family is thrilled to have her. They are well aware of her issue and will take great care of her. She will be treasured and loved in her forever home.

You, our supporter’s, made it possible for us to take in cat’s like Pink and provide her with the medical attention and love she was in dire need of. We are forever grateful for the kindness and compassion you show for our cats in need.


Sometimes all you have is hope…

Who would do this? We found four kittens in a bucket that were dumped.  They were no more than two days old! We took action as quickly as possible to save them.  They weighed less than 40 grams with umbilical cords still attached.  They had been in the bucket outside for several hours and the kittens were very cold and not sucking.  Bottle babies are a labor of love and are challenging and many times heartbreaking.  This effort has been bittersweet for the foster, despite all her efforts.  She has little Marlin, the lone survivor. He was the smallest of the four and has shown he is a fighter and a lover.   He has just passed his seven-week-old birthday!  We are holding our breath that he will thrive and grow into a big healthy kitten.  His foster mom believes he is a miracle boy and will be ready in the future for a loving home. Keep Marlin in your prayers and send him love.

Sometimes our best efforts are in vain. However, it is a daily reminder of what the important things in life really are: Love, kindness, and family. In a life full of distractions, once in a while it helps to be reminded of what is really important so we can rejuvenate our soul. In retrospect, a person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and hands willing to help.