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2018 Another Great Year


By Admin February 3, 2019


Happy 2019 to you all! We are so thankful for each and every one of you and the support you give Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. We couldn’t do what we do without you. It takes a village and you are a member of the village for the 283 cats and kittens adopted in 2018 and all the cats and kittens over the 12 years we have been a rescue.In 2018, Sammy, Zoe Belle, and Oliver needed help with their medical costs. When we shared their stories, you stepped up and helped these cats in their time of need. We appreciate your generosity more than you know. Over the years you have continued to support our fall raffle and the 12 Cats of Christmas, replaced this year with our Hidden Stars. Thank you!

For 2018 we wanted you to see another side of Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue: the cats that have severe health issues, possibly making them hospice kitties; the cats that have behavior problems, making them almost unadoptable; and the senior cats, that because of age, make them less likely to be adopted. So we brought you our Hidden Stars. We take these cats, work on the difficult health issues and the not so desirable behavioral habits. When necessary, we take them on for life, covering all their costs and giving them a loving home and respect for who they are. Those in 2018 we focused on as Hidden Stars were: Lily, Squeaks, Joey, Tom and Jerry, Buddy, Lumi, Cinderella and Fiona. Two of these cats were adopted because of our focus on their situations. Cinderella and Joey found their forever homes. They are forever grateful to their new owners! We too are grateful that they now have a place to spend their golden years in a loving, safe, environment, which is the ultimate goal of our rescue, for every cat that comes through us.

Some things in rescue never change, like the need for more foster homes. Have you even wondered about becoming a foster mom or dad? Being a foster mom or dad to a litter of kittens, or to a mama cat with kittens or even an older cat is a heartwarming and rewarding experience. It is an experience filled with laughter and love, but isn’t always easy. It takes someone special with a heartfelt commitment. If you, or someone you know, could foster one cat or more, and you live in Northern California or the Reno area, please send us an email. We’d love to talk to you. You would make a huge difference in a cat’s life. And, oh, by the way, we train our fosters too. Unable to foster? If you have time to do reference checks, website work, or transport cats, we could certainly use your help. Fill out an application and we will give you a call!

So once more we thank you for your continued support. You help make everything we do possible!

Warmest Regards,

Karen Pahler
President Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

sweetheart1P.S. Be sure to watch for our special feature this month with a Valentine theme! Coming this weekend!