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COVID 19 Impacts!

We are getting a huge number of applications for our kittens, this is good. In a perfect world our fosters would get back to every person, however in this COVID-19 world we are struggling to keep up and are not able to get back to every applicant due to limited volunteers. We hope you understand.
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Life is all about second chances. There are many cats and kittens that need a loving home. If you hesitate because you think they are broken. Think again.
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Help Rue!

Rue came to us on March 4, 2021. Rue needs your help! She has a variety of ailments that need to be treated.
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You really make a huge difference and are the heart and soul of the organization. We hope you will continue to make our efforts possible!

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We have cats and kittens of all ages, sizes, colors and breeds. Browse and adopt today!

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Do you have time and the passion to help? You can select from a variety of volunteer opportunities. We try to match a person’s skills with the activities they most enjoy.

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