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Adoption Fee $275

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Born ~2013, F, Sable Burmese

Adoption Fee $275

Zara came into our rescue after her breeder became sick and couldn’t take care of her any longer. The breeder surrendered her to our organization. Zara is a very sweet little kitty who has come around nicely. She is so adorable to look at. When Zara first came into rescue, she was not well socialized, but her foster mom noticed that Zara is starting to exhibit the true qualities of the Burmese breed.

Here is what the Cat Fancier’s Association ( has to say about this wonderful breed:

Burmese cats carry surprising weight for their size. Their coats are short and close-lying, and they have a very silky texture. They need very little grooming, usually requiring only some daily petting. You will see a range of styles of Burmese cats, with those with rounder heads and shorter bodies being the show cats. Their large, expressive eyes radiate an innocence that will seduce you, and they have an irresistible appeal that has won over many a person who thought he didn’t like cats. Burmese cats have an endearing quality that has won the hearts of those lucky enough to be owned by one. They have great affection for their people, wanting to be with them as much as possible without being overly demanding. Many Burmese will even play fetch with a toy, given the chance.

As they mature, their unique intelligence will reveal itself as their personalities unfold. They will soon grow into confident and charming little executives who will rule the house and your heart. Burmese are soft-spoken beings who have little trouble making their wishes known. They adore their people and are known for being good with children as well as liking (or at least tolerating) the family dog. Burmese are extremely people-oriented companions. Their personalities are almost dog-like. They will follow you from room to room, and they greatly desire to give and receive affection. They seek out warm laps and gentle strokes of your hand, and they love to snuggle up with their owners when they are reading or watching TV. Come bedtime they look forward to sleeping in or on your bed if allowed. Burmese are convinced that it is their job to run the house.

Zara has been spayed and is up-to-date on her vaccinations.

This adorable little girl is ready for her forever home. She is fostered in North Sacramento, CA.

For more information about Zara, please contact Frauke at 925-784-8244 or and submit an Adoption Application.