2017, Adopted
About This Cat

Adopted by Warren

Born ~2012, 5 Year-Old Male, Red Over White Bi-Colour Cornish Rex

Not many people are very familiar with this breed. People know of the Sphynx breed but few know about the equally unique looking Cornish Rexes.  These interesting and very playful kitties have short silky fur that is naturally marcelled forming ribs of curling fur. Cornish Rexes are very people-oriented cats who are very active-like kittens their whole lives. Toby, who has a distinctive white diamond on his back, is a classic Cornish Rex.

He was bought from a breeder as a kitten and was very loved as the only cat in his family. They also  had two dogs, one of which he loved and one he tolerated. His family began a dog-sitting and boarding business out of their home. Toby was often relegated to the rear of the home as a constantly changing assortment of dogs came to stay. Not surprisingly he did not like this change and he especially didn’t like the lessening of time being spent with him.  They tried to make it work for a couple years but his family ultimately felt Toby was not getting what he needed and since they could not give up their source of income they contacted Purebreds to discuss our re-homing him. This was very hard for them since he is such an amazing character and they loved him very much.

Toby is super intelligent cat. He knows how things should go and has strong opinions. He is really a very sweet, affectionate, goodnatured cat. However, he did not approve of the changes to his life  and he would express himself by peeing directly on the chair his dad had last sat on. Not often, but enough to get his message across. There was also one dog who would come to be boarded who he just hated. His family felt he would be happier elsewhere and he came into foster.

Toby was very surprised at this new world in foster and for a week or so was quiet. He was friendly but reserved, and not inclined to eat the food they left for him. He lived partly on Temptation treats which he considers the ultimate in food perfection. Toby will not even sniff other brands of treats. This is what I mean by “strong opinions”.We have had him since New Year’s Day and he has settled in very nicely. He is now eating well ( Royal Canin Persian Cat food ) and he is very affectionate. He will rub against our legs soliciting pets and butt his head into our hands. He loves attention. He is absolutely fascinating to watch. And, you do have to watch his body language – when he is done with petting he means it and will let you know to stop. If you don’t, he may give you a little nip to get your attention.

He needs a home with an experienced Cornish Rex family.  Someone who is home a lot and will give him the attention he needs. Like a Sphynx he must also be kept warm. I think he would be fine with another friendly cat or two and maybe a cat loving dog. I do not think he would be a good cat for a family with children. He is an exotic boy.

He has been entirely litterbox perfect since he has been with us. He eats wet and dry food, carefully selected by him.

He is located in Santa Cruz.

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