1 to 5 Years, Available, Persian
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Born ~2014, M, Odd Eyed White Persian mix

I don’t think this poor little guy has ever felt much safety in his life. He was found at a Bart station, fighting the other cats there for food. He came to us with a healing big abscess above his shoulder from a fight puncture wound. It is surprising his ears are not torn. He was thin and had scratched out the majority of his fur in an effort to rid himself of fleas. He was a hot mess. He hasn’t had an easy time of it, probably since he was born. (What a cute kitten he must have been!!)

Whoever his family were they did not neuter him. Somehow he ended up outside, homeless and starving at a Bart Station. How did this happen? The shelter who took him in treated his wound, his fleas, his ear mites and so forth and they gave him lots of food and loved him. Thaddeus nipped a volunteer in the shelter ( no blood) and the shelter feeling unable to adopt him out looked for a rescue to take him. Of course I said yes.

He was upset when he arrived. Anxious. Scared. Sad. Bored. Restless. Wanting attention from humans and also frightened of them. “Can I trust you?”. He seems to be saying that often, you can see that in his face. Once right in the beginning of his time with us he grabbed the woman feeding him- she was picking up his water bowl . He put claws in her arm, hurting her. Back then he seemed to have some food anxiety. That has sort of disappeared as weeks with sufficient food have passed ( We got him the third week of July). We wanted him to settle before thinking to post him here. We have had no trouble with him that way since that one time and also we are careful with him.

Of course he is the cutest, most beautiful kitty. His little face is very expressive of his feelings. You see that he looks sad or looks scared and your heart leaps forward wanting to comfort him. I don’t have to tell you he is enormously appealing .His fur has grown in and what a beauty he now is.

His new family needs to be a sophisticated cat family . They need to watch him, to be aware of his body language, to be attentive and take care of him and reassure him. They need to be willing to give him time to adjust to the new feeling of being in a solid, safe home. I really think he has never had that. After a year in a real home he will be happier and more confident with his humans than he has ever been. So we are looking for a family with no children, no dogs ( though we don’t know how he is with them) .We are beginning to let him out around other cats and I think he is probably ok with gentle, utterly non aggressive cats. He could however be jealous of them and want his human’s attention. We would need to talk about that. His new family has to be willing to be supportive of him and be happy to watch him unfold and grow at his own schedule. Don’t misunderstand me- he doesn’t have really far to go. He is affectionate and good natured and dealt well with my annoying him with my camera today. (and he was put in the sun in an area totally unfamiliar to him) He did very well in this new situation – aside from being totally unwilling to look at my camera.Darn it.

He is a very athletic boy and amused us by walking effortlessly and with perfect balance on a 3/4 inch wide piece of wood. He has been outside and will likely try to get out if he has a mind to. He loves to play and chase toys. He loves catnip. He loves food and he loves attention. He wants to be with his humans a lot. He is sort of desperate to belong, to have a home and love and attention. He is young like a growing teenage boy who needs to be taught how to behave and to be loved and nudged into mature happiness.

Right now he is a baby cat and what a treasure he is. And what fun to watch him unfold and settle into owning his new home.

Thaddeus eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect. He is combo tested negative/negative.

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