1 to 5 Years, Available, Persian, Turkish
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2-4 Year Old, M, Odd Eyed White Turkish Angora/Persian Mix

This boy is one of the most fascinating cats I have met. He is so multifaceted. Of course, he is adorable. He looks like a fluffy stuffed toy with his bright pink nose, one blue eye and one gold eye, and snow white sparkling fur. He is striking and beautiful with his long athlete’s body, the somewhat flattened face of a Persian, and the fluffy coat of a Turkish Angora. His Angora fur, which does not have the soft undercoat of a Persian’s fur, is relatively easy care and non-matting.

When he came to us his coat was thin from his unceasing efforts to scratch away fleas. He had a shaved area on his flank from a big abscessed bite wound. Found at a Bart Station fighting alley cats for food and he was taken to a shelter. This poor guy with the beautiful eyes was starving and unwell. How had such a cute kitty ended up in such dire straits?? It is hard to imagine.

The shelter patched him up, neutered him, and gave him food and love. He was starved for both. They asked if we could take him into foster as he continued to heal and we were happy to say Yes!! Thaddeus was upset when he arrived. Anxious. Scared. Sad. Bored. Unhappy. He was so very unsettled and unsure that his life was now safe; he had clearly been through a very hard time. He loved that we fed him lots of yummy food and gave him catnip. (Yaaay catnip!) He still feels that food is love and will do just about anything for a Friskies Party Time treat.

We have had him a couple months now and he has settled into feeling comfortable with his life with us, though he is a bit bored. His coat has grown in. His weight is perfect. His wound is gone. He is gorgeous. One unusual thing about Thaddeus is that he shows his moods on his unusually expressive face. You can see if he is sad or eager or depressed or lonely and his expressions can pull at your heart. He is a young kid still and is so eager for all of life. He wants everything. To play, to explore, to be with his humans, to eat. He also really would like to be a hunter – yes this little frou frou looking kitty is at heart a great tiger. It would make more sense if he were a Bengal and folks would say “Yes well he is a Bengal and of course he is a great athlete and hunter, etc.” We watch Thaddeus on his catio and oh, he is so eager for the birds and gophers he sees. Not surprisingly his favorite food is raw grass fed hamburger. I expect he would easily transition to a raw diet. His new family will never have trouble with mice or wood rats that is for sure.

One thing: He cannot live with any other cat and probably not any other dog or small dog, though I do not know about that. Maybe at one time he fought other cats for food. Now he would compete with them for attention from his family. He loves attention from humans and he does not want to share. This may change as he gets enough love and settles into his home but for now it is true. I will not adopt him to a household with other cats or dogs. He wants his human’s love so badly. So much. “Please, please, please love me” he says.

I tell Bengal adopters that choosing a Bengal is a life style choice. What I mean is you have to be willing to adjust your life, your home, your time, to accommodate the needs of your cat. That is pretty much the case with this boy. His new family needs to pay attention to him and keep him inside, entertained and safe. A fenced yard would not keep him in. Like a Bengal he is very smart. The complexity is that he looks like he is a fluffy, pretty little kitty love object. And he is so much more than that – athletic, determined, smart, funny, affectionate, strong, playful, mischievous. And he communicates all these parts of himself very clearly to you. Thaddeus just has more enthusiasm and energy for life. He wants to play. He wants to eat. He wants to check everything out. He wants your lap and attention. He is not a sleep on the couch Persian. He is full of fun and curiosity, sort of like a kitten.

Thaddeus is a sparkling, fascinating, loving, smart companion. He needs a home with no pets and no young children. He needs humans who want to focus a lot of their heart on their pet. His family needs to watch him, to be aware of his body language, to be attentive and take care of him and reassure him. They need to be willing to let him adjust to the feeling of being in a solid, safe home. I really think he has never had that. We can get him so wound up chasing a feather that we know better than to stop playing with him and immediately go to pick him up. He needs a moment to settle his adrenalin. We respect him. A family experienced with cats and full of respect for them would be perfect for him. He looks like a fluffy couch decoration but he is so much more. He is a lot of cat. He wants a loving home who will delight in him every day and give him the love he longs for. He will more than return it.

Thaddeus eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect. He is combo tested negative/negative.

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