2017, Adopted
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8 Year Old, F, White Exotic Shorthair Persian

This is Summer, Buttercup’s friend. Actually she is every kitty’s friend. If a kitty meows because we are trimming his or  her nails, or giving a medication or, heaven forbid, a bath, Summer comes running to see to what is happening and to offer the kitty comfort. She is such a big-hearted little kitty. If you haven’t read Buttercup’s bio please do so for it gives Summer’s history also.

The first thing we did with Summer was hurry her to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist to find out what we needed to do for her greyish-white left eye. We are familiar with the way the herpes virus causes ulcerations in a cat’s cornea. If left untreated, the ulcers can deepen into the liquid center of the eye and the eye “ruptures”. If still left untreated, the cat’s body can push the eye out of its socket. Ultimately, the cat can die. Sometimes after the eye ruptures it seals over the wound  with scar tissue. This, the vet said, is what had happened with Summer’s eye. It had ruptured and ultimately sealed itself.This scar tissue is the grey we can see. The eye has no vision and needs no medication of special care.. Summer received no help and was lucky to live through this extremely painful process. For this, and other reasons, I call her a valiant little survivor.

Exotic Shorthair Persians  are exactly like regular Persians with their flat faces and loving hearts except the coats of Exotics ( “Zots”) are shorthaired. They are called the lazy-man’s Persians. Summer arrived matted all over.  Short hair can still mat badly but her coat was not as terrible as Buttercup’s who has 3 inch long hair. Summer does not mind humans fussing with her. She needs her face washed a lot, which she does not enjoy but allows. She is a social girl and likes humans and petting and all the interesting things humans do. She is very interactive with you and pokes her nose into everything. Summer has a wonderful loving heart. She is such a good girl.

She enjoys other cats and is very interested in them,  greeting them, touching noses, rubbing up against them. She developed a big crush on our house Persian, 10 pound black and white Pepe. He tolerated her politely but with no great enthusiasm. Undaunted, she would sneak into his bed and sleep next to him. The photo below shows how small she is next to him.

Obviously we need a very special adopter for Summer and Buttercup. Persians are more work than most cat breeds. Summer and Buttercup are more work than most Persians. These two need a Persian- experienced home with one or two adopters who want to give the time and effort and patience and love to allow these two cats to blossom into happiness. Summer will be easy but Buttercup has more catching up to do. These are messy cats who need someone who enjoys daily grooming efforts.

These two kitties are both cat friendly and a home with another gentle cat would not be a problem. I would not suggest a home with young children. They need to be the children in their new home. They may have lived with a small dog. We want nothing that will scare them or be hard for them. They need a solid, loving, stable, quiet home with a family who want to have the great joy of helping them and loving them and watching them continue to recover and blossom.

The last picture below was taken several weeks after they came to us.  I am sorry to say they look much better in it than when they first arrived.

They eat wet and dry food and are litterbox perfect.

Their foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at