Snow Berry

2018, Adopted
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About This Cat

Adopted by Tony & Rosalie

2 Year Old, F, Purebred American Shorthair/Exotic Mix

Snow Berry is a 2 year old purebred American Shorthair/Exotic Mix.  She is a small little girl with the typical exotic face that you expect, large green eyes and a stunning pure white coat.

Snow is having the best holiday season ever!  She is filled with curiosity and totally interested in everything. A sleek, energetic, beautiful girl that loves to play with her toys and will chase anything that moves.  I believe she thinks that she is part Bengal, or an Olympic sprinter.  With her long lithe, slim body she loves to be up high on things so if you have a cat tower you will find her on the very top shelf checking out the birds. Lately she has discovered cozy baskets that are filled with warm blankets and her favorite toys; now those are great for winter afternoon naps!

Her latest sensational discovery is laps!!!!  Snow was not raised in a family so this is something totally new. You can just see her expression when she gets settled, it says, “WOW, this is cool”!  And she can get her pets and cuddles all in one warm cozy place. I think it will not be very long before you will be able to just scoop her up and carry her around.  She is learning quickly and it will not be long before she is a loving cuddle girl. We already get head bumps reminding us that she is there.

I think that Snow will do well in a family with respectful children.  She is fine with other cats, but I do not know about dogs. She has opinions about when she wants to be picked up and for how long.  She will wiggle and squirm when this is not her favorite thing but never uses claws or teeth. She is the life of the party when the toys come out on top of being startlingly beautiful she will make you laugh at her antics. Her personality has yet to come out, there is so much more to her.  You will love this sweet girl completely and she will respond with her whole heart.

Snow is litter box perfect.  She loves her wet and dry food and expects you to deliver treats on time!

For more information about this pretty girl, please contact her foster family: Lee and Eric Kempter at 925-934-3199 or and submit an Adoption Application.