2018, Adopted
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Adopted by Ruth

Born ~ August 1, 2017, F, Seal Point Ragdoll

Somehow this lovely girl ended up alone in a shelter under the weather with a cold.  The shelter asked Purebreds Plus if we could take her in and nurse her through her cold.  Of course we were glad to say yes. A nearby foster home went to get her and had the pleasure of her company over Christmas, then she came to foster with me where she could play with other kittens.

She is a beautiful, good little girl with a sweet and loving personality. Clearly her life did not start out in a smooth, stable way so she arrived a little jumpy and disconcerted from how life had been treating her. She is after all, just a baby, and was all alone. She loves cuddles and attention from people she knows but understandably she is a bit wary of new folks and new situations. She adapts quite quickly. By the time she is a year old her early uncertainties will be long gone and she will be a great gorgeous armful of a soft Ragdoll girl.

Nola’s coloring is dramatic with her light creamy body and her dark seal point face mask, ear, feet and tail. Her colors will darken some as she matures. She has the blue, blue eyes of the Ragdoll and the long soft fur they are known for. You can see her ruff is already growing in. Nola is a cat friendly kitten and would love a companion kitty. She loves her toys and runs around having a great time carrying them with her. If you pick her up when she is tired of playing, she just purrs and purrs in your arms.

She eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

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