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Female, ~Born 2006, Siamese

Maisie is an elegant Chocolate point Siamese girl, with long legs and dainty paws.
She was rescued by a family in Sacramento that spotted her across the street from their home this summer.  Realizing that she was so skinny they could see her ribs, they began feeding her from their porch.

It quickly became clear that Maisie was friendly and had probably been recently dumped in the neighborhood.  This poor girl was desperate for human companionship and care.

With several cats and dogs already, Maisie’s rescuers were unable to take her in directly, but they were determined to find a new home for her.  Fortunately, Purebreds Plus was able to help and Maisie is now
happily residing with a foster family.

Maisie is friendly and affectionate, and warms up to new people right away with a series of chirps, purrs, and gentle head-butting.  If you sit next to her, she will gladly crawl into your lap after a short while.

She loves to be around people and is a wonderful companion for quietly working, reading, or watching television.  She will happily sleep at the foot of your bed.

Our vet thinks Maisie is about 10 years old.  Maisie did test positive for FIV.  She was probably bitten during a fight with a feral stray.  Her overall health is good, so we think she was kept indoors all her life
and was well cared for until she was abandoned earlier this year.

We believe that FIV positive cats can live normal long and healthy lives if kept indoors with a healthy diet and good vet care.  While FIV has been a source of concern in the past, there are many good resources on FIV cats today:

Maisie has a healthy appetite and prefers moist food.  She uses her litter perfectly.  Although she likes to be picked up and held, she can become a little frightened if she thinks you are trying to chase or grab her.

Maisie does not like other cats very much.  She will probably do best in a single cat family with experienced owners and older children.

Maisie is currently residing in Sunnyvale in the South Bay area. Contact John at 408-813-6320 or email if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application.  If you are unable to reach John, email us at