2017, Adopted
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7 Year Old, F, Odd-Eyed, Brown Spotted Bengal

Leia came from the San Jose shelter a little underweight but that was no surprise since her teeth really needed a dental. She had quite a painful mouth. It was expensive and we were lucky to have received  a $500 grant from the shelter’s Guardian Angel Program  (GAP  funds) which covered most of it. They also did a blood panel for us that showed she is a very healthy kitty. You can see that a patch of hair was shaved from each of her front legs where her a catheters were attached.

Now that Leia has her dental  behind her, she is eating up a storm, gaining weight and seems to look glossier every day. Her coloring is very dark red brown and the rich colors set off her eyes. Yes, she has unusual  eyes. What “odd-eyed” means is that she has two different colored eyes. You sometimes see white Turkish Angoras or Persians with two different color eyes, like gold and green or rarer, blue and green. Never in all my years as a Bengal foster mom have I seen or even heard of a Bengal with odd-eyes. She is a very special girl. Her left eye is copper colored and her right eye is a vivid green. She is a little hard to photograph since she quickly looks away from the camera but you can see the difference side to side in the photos below.

Leia is a very loving and affectionate girl. Everyone in the shelter loved her because she loves to be petted. She is fine with being held.  She is a sweet natured cat.

Except….. she seriously dislikes little cute kittens and grumbles and growls under her breath when she sees them. “ annoying little dumb adorable kittens”. She doesn’t really like adult cats much either so she would be happiest as an only cat. I have no idea how she would feel about dogs.

She likes humans and windows and wet food. And cuddling and flattery and catnip.  She will be some lucky person’s beautiful, fascinating companion.I haven’t had her long…we got her teeth done immediately. I will write more about her when I know her better. If I still have her.

She eats wet and dry food and is litter box perfect.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or email toharrietjane@comcast.net if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment.  Why?  This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other.  A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interest!