2018, Adopted
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About This Cat

Adopted by Eloise

Born ~2010, M, Cream Cameo Persian

Kenji is a gorgeous, serene cat who loves to survey his surroundings like a lion overseeing his domain. He is a gentle boy who loves the occasional petting and really loves his treats. He is not a clingy kitty but does enjoy being in the same room with his people and will peacefully sleep at the foot of the bed.

Kenji’s family had to go into a nursing facility and he ended up in a shelter where we were able to get him into foster care. We discovered he has a heart murmur during a routine physical so we scheduled an echocardiogram and discovered he has a slightly deformed valve in his left ventricle called systolic anterior motion. For those of you familiar with Persian heart problems, it is NOT hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is quite common in Persians, Maine Coons, and a few other breeds. It is just a mild deformation and with proper medication he should live a long and normal life. The medication is atenolol, also commonly used in people. It is a beta blocker that he takes twice a day and he gets treats with it so he comes running to you when he hears the treat bag, it is also an inexpensive medicine that only runs about $10 a month.

Kenji has a completely clean bill of health in all other areas, his teeth are in good shape and his blood work was perfect. He is looking for a nice, quiet and peaceful home. He likes other mellow kitties and is fine with small, cat friendly dogs but he does tend to avoid big dogs. Older, quiet children should be fine.

Kenji is fostered in Placerville, CA.

Contact: Jen at 916-217-2151 or email: if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Jen by phone or email, email us at