2017, Adopted
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8 Year-Old, F, Silver-Spotted Bengal

Gigi is a gorgeous girl that will draw you in from the start with just one look at her stunning, jade green eyes rimmed in cream that are set in a round face and tipped with the cutest light silver ears. If you aren’t in love yet then you will be after seeing her soft plush silver coat that is overlaid with black spots and lines that ends with her slim, straight black and silver banded tail. Then she’ll have you swooning when she rolls over on her back and reveals her plush white belly and black dots especially if she bats her eyes and flirts with you. Then there is the cute little meow that Gigi has. You enter the room and call her name and she’ll respond with a chirp of a meow or at the end of the day she’ll chirp to you all about her day. Its almost like you’re having a conversation with your girlfriend. By now her forever family will have fallen totally in love with Gigi and be looking forward to the memories to be had with her.

Gigi’s story starts out as being part of a litter that came when the breeder bred her Bengal to another Bengal. Gigi was given as a kitten to a girlfriend of the breeder and her husband in Southern California and spent most of her life with them. Then the couple decided to have a baby which Gigi wanted to have noting to do with, so back to the breeder she went. Unfortunately Gigi didn’t do well with the breeder’s other Bengal cat so she was then sent to the breeder’s mother. The mother had a dog and  again there was no love lost between the dog and Gigi which is why she was surrendered to the shelter. Gigi came to be in our rescue group and my foster home when she shut down at the shelter and had completely stopped eating. Once out of the stress of the shelter and into a quiet home she just blossomed back into a calm and friendly cat that loves to chow down on her food.

Gigi is the sweetest girl that loves nothing more than to be with her family. I was taking a nap with her the other day and she was happiest to just be curled up next to me on the couch. She wants to be where her family is so she’ll follow you through the house and would love to sleep with you at night, maybe even snuggled under the blankets with you. She also has this cute quirk in that she likes to have an audience when eating her meals, to have her family in the room with her. Gigi loves being petted and fussed over as long as you don’t try to pick her up and cuddle her but it needs to be on her terms. At one point she was curled up on the floor on her side and flirting with me but when I made a move to pet her she moved her head away. You know they show off their bellies but don’t try petting it. She’s more of a low key Bengal, not super energetic like other Bengals though she does like to play with her cat balls and catnip toys. She also would prefer being in a dark closet then to being up high on a book shelf. Unlike most Bengals she won’t do well in a home with kids or other pets, she has to be the sole queen of the house. Gigi would do best in a home with a couple or a single person who have had prior cat experience. They would need to be at home more then out of it, so maybe someone who works from home full time or at least part of the time. A quieter, more low key home, I’m thinking, would be best for Gigi. She is a totally healthy girl once she was away from the stress of the shelter. She will use a scratching post or board but doesn’t like having her nails trimmed so you might have to leave that to a professional. She is on a high protein diet of wet food with no grains such as the Tiki or Wellness or Blue Buffalo brands and licks her bowl clean.

Gigi is being fostered at Juliana’s house in Santa Rosa which is in Sonoma County and can reached through her email or cell (707)694-3733. Or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Juliana’s , please email us at