Charley Bucket

2017, Adopted
About This Cat

Born ~2012, 4 Year Old Male, Sealpoint Ragdoll Mix

Have you read the wonderful children’s book by Roald Dahl called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  Charley is the good main character in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory tour!  I’m named after him!!!  My former human gave me that name and he and I were best buddies.  While he took care of his ill wife, I, the chocolate furry purr-son, was always at his side through the good and difficult times, providing him support.  One day, my caretaker passed away suddenly, and since that day, I have lost my best pal, my home and have become an orphan.  I didn’t know what was happening to me as I was moved from home to home.  His daughter took me in but she couldn’t keep me as her apartment did not allow for pets and so she contacted purebreds plus to find me a loving home.  She brought me to my foster mom with tears in her eyes:  I had been her beloved father’s fur pal and she wanted so much to honor his wishes by being sure I would be well loved and cared for in a new fur-ever home.  It was very hard on her to give me up but she had to because she also had to take care of her mother.

I stayed with my foster mom but she had a large kindle of cats and I needed to be a one and only.  I wanted to be king of the house, the one and only cat in a person’s or couple’s heart.  So, I am now living with a foster mom who is caring for just me and that is fabulous.  When I feel I have my human’s loving attention, I bloom into an affectionate cat that likes to play, get brushed and sit on laps.  You know, do all what best pals do together. I must say that I am a handsome sealpoint ragdoll mix, blue eyed with beautiful deep-chocolate silky fur and a gorgeous plume of a tail that I hold up high.  I’m active and like to play and chase toys; and I like the quiet down times of the day.  I want to be around my human companion(s) so don’t want to be alone all day.  I am affectionate but I need time to get to know and trust you first; love takes time in long relationship. If you are that kind of loving, caring person, I can learn to love again.  I don’t see myself as a toy or a baby but as a young adult male cat that wants to be respected as a king in his kingdom– so I am certain I don’t want to live with other cats, animals and prefer adults with no small children.   I’m healthy, have had my basic shots, am microchipped. My holiday wish is to find a place to call my very own with people that will really love and treasure me.  I hope Santa Claws hears the wishes of orphaned cats.  All four paws crisscrossed!

My foster mom lives in Davis, California.

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