1 to 5 Years, Available, Persian
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Born ~4/30/14, F, Persian Mix

Callie is a small, three-year-old black, orange, and white Calico Persian mix with deep copper eyes and soft medium length fur. Callie is a complete sweetheart and is always purring. It is difficult to take a picture of Callie, as she believes a hand should be petting, not holding anything in her way to cuddle her person.

Callie came into rescue from the Sacramento SPCA. Not much is otherwise known of her origin. Callie arrived to the SPCA underweight and was given flea treatment. She was spayed, had a microchip implanted, and had her ears cleaned. Then she was adopted out for about a week before being returned to the SPCA for an unexpected medical complication. The adopters’ vet diagnosed megacolon based on Callie’s constipation. The family who adopted Callie included two small children, a cat, and multiple dogs. The adopters who returned Callie reported that Callie was indoor only and slept on the bed, that Callie played well with the children, and that Callie ignored the other cat and was good around the dogs. They described Callie as a “very sweet and friendly” outgoing lap cat who liked being held and used the scratching post. This description seems apt, as Callie wholeheartedly ignores all of her current foster cat brothers, instead preferring to curl up and purr on someone’s lap. Even if that lap is already occupied, Callie doesn’t mind sharing. Callie is also fine with her human foster toddler brother, as long as he is gentle.

Callie received an enema while under anesthesia by the SPCA, and while under, Callie also received a dental cleaning. Callie was then brought into rescue. Callie’s foster mom worked with the local vet and fellow rescue fosters, and a diet was created to keep Callie regular. Callie was stabilized after an enema on June 7th, 2017 and gained weight, but then had a setback at the end of August and was removed from the website. Callie had been sneaking her foster brothers’ dry food and again became constipated and started losing weight. It seems even these small amounts of non-prescription dry food complicate Callie’s system. After a couple of weeks of subcutaneous fluids, Cisapride, lactulose, and keeping Callie on a strict diet, Callie increased her weight and her elimination became regular again. She is now stable on a daily dose of Miralax mixed in A/D urgent care food (she is picky about her wet food treats and is only guaranteed to eat this one, though she does enjoy other wet food treats periodically) and Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Fiber Response dry cat food. Callie’s foster mom ensures she eliminates daily, and if it has been a couple of days without defecation, Callie is given a dose of Cisapride. It is extremely important to monitor Callie’s elimination in order to keep her regular. The local vet stated that the Cisapride might not be permanent, and it seems this is true as the decrease from daily doses to PRN has not inhibited Callie’s continued regularity. The local vets also do not recommend surgery for Callie’s condition, as the surgery might only fix the problem temporarily; Callie’s symptoms are much better maintained with diet and medication.

Callie is otherwise healthy and should be brushed daily. She inherited the typical Persian fur, soft, but easily matted. This isn’t a challenge as Callie greatly enjoys any attention paid, even brushing. Although Callie would do well socially in any type of family environment, she might be better off as an only cat due to her dietary restrictions. Callie eats Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Fiber Response dry food and Hills A/D wet food mixed with Miralax. She receives Cisapride as needed. Callie will come to you spayed, tested, microchipped and vaccinated. Callie is litterbox perfect.

She is fostered in Napa, CA.

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