2017, Adopted
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About This Cat

Adopted by Linda

Born ~2010, F, Golden Tabby, Norwegian Forest Cat

Beverly is a lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.  She is a stunning 15-18 lb tabby with a big front ruff and lovely facial features. She came to us weighing in at approximately 18 lbs which was a little large for her frame.  Having time to run around a big house and with a quality high protein diet, she is slimmed down a little bit. She’s always going to be a big girl but she can now groom herself and she enjoys racing about the house.

Bev is a very active, playful cat.  She tends to be a bit bossy around other cats … they don’t like that she wants to play chase with them.  Frankly, the little five pound Himalayan in the house is terrified of her, and Beverly takes advantage of that by bullying the kitty if we don’t keep an eye on her. As for human interactions, she just about perfect.  She is content to drape herself in an ornamental fashion on a chair or cushions so that all who pass by may see and admire her glory. That said, when someone has an available lap, she’s happy to take advantage of it.  She’s very affectionate but no so much so that you can’t work on your computer.

She seems to be fine with dogs but would be just as happy in a home without them. Right now she is being fostered with a horrid little foster dog who is extremely jealous of the humans in the house. Most of the cats are afraid of the dog but he doesn’t mess with Beverly.  She just looks at him as if to say: “Go ahead, make my day!”

Bev would be ideal as an only pet or in a home with a gentle dog who won’t harass her or expect her to play too much with him.

she is fostered by Ellen in Vacaville.

Contact Ellen at if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Ellen, email us at