2017, Adopted
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Adopted by Sheng & Yi

4 Year Old, F, Lilac Bicolor Ragdoll

This little girls legs are so short that one could argue that Babycakes is a Ragdoll Munchkin mix. She is very cute. And  no, she is not much of a jumper.  She likes to arch her back and rub against a corner saying “See how adorable I am” Are you watching?”

She is also a little girl with a rather cobby body, short and compact. In her case she is a little rounded from maybe an extra pound or so. She is 8 pounds. Bicolor kitties have an inverted white “V” above their noses and fur that is a color – in this case “lilac” – and white on the tummy and feet. Of course, Babycakes  has the deep beautiful blue eyes Ragdolls are  known for.

This little girl has led a turbulent life, bouncing around with no stable home.. I know the more recent part of her story. She was adopted from the Berkeley shelter and months later abandoned at another shelter. Somewhere along the way before this she was spayed at a clinic that ear tipped their cats. If you look carefully you can see the tip of her left ear is missing. She has been a hard luck kitty and her life has not unfolded in a way to keep her feeling safe and settled. Fortunately at the vet today I was told she checked out as younger than we thought, with no heart murmur or other evident health issues. Before we got  her someone had choppily cut the hair on her back with scissors so I assume she had matted fur there. Ragdolls do not have difficult grooming requirements but Babycakes would benefit from her new parent to running a comb run thru her coat a couple times a week.

So this little girl was a little edgy when she arrived into foster, disgruntled with how things had been going in her life. No kitty ever likes being abandoned in a shelter. We gave her love and time and she showed us she is not really a cranky cat  she is really a diva kitty who expects everyone to pamper her. She wants a stable, quiet home with humans who flatter her appropriately. She loves attention  and will watch you watching her as she  displays herself being super cute for you. Her family needs to be willing to be trained by her in how to best serve her. In exchange she will warm your heart and entertain you every day and give you all her love.

I would suggest a stable, quiet home for her with no children and ideally no other pets. It would be nice to make things easy for her after a beginning in life which was too chaotic. She will make someone a wonderfully entertaining companion. Once she settles into her new home and realizes it is for her forever she will relax and be sooo happy and sooo grateful.

Babycakes eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

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