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100% of our donations go to the cats—no one gets paid a salary. You make everything we do possible with your generous support. We hope you will continue to make all of our efforts for the cats and kittens we rescue possible!


You can contribute a one time amount for general needs or you can mark your donation as reoccurring and the kitties will receive a donation every month from you! This will allow us to put the funds where they are needed the most

You can, of course,  send a check via regular mail to our address if you prefer.

Pay Adoption Fee

If you have adopted a cat or need to put a deposit on a cat or kitten please use the button below.


Please also remember to put the name or names of the kitties your are adopting in the note section.

Other Ways to Help!

There are even more ways to help us.

Thank You!

Our Q1 Supporters!

Monthly Subscriber

  • Amy C.
  • Beth L.
  • Diana M.
  • Diane H.
  • Eleanor S.
  • Junetta L.
  • Nancy J.
  • Natalie L.
  • Richard M.
  • Susan F.
  • Luciana L.
  • Susan K.

Standard Donations

  • Beverly S.
  • Collie J.
  • Donna B.
  • Hilde S.
  • Kelly N.
  • Klausbruckner Associates
  • Lynn R.: It’s Emily’s 5-year Adoptavesary!  Thanks for adding her to my life.
  • Martha S.
  • Sally M.
  • Saundra K.
  • Teri P.

Sponsor Donations

  • Alan M.
  • Angela L.
  • Anna F.
  • Beth L.
  • Channon C.
  • Corin H.
  • Damon W.
  • Deborah H.
  • Derril B.
  • Diana M.
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  • Joyce
  • Judy L.
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  • Junetta L.
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  • Karen S.
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  • Kathleen K.
  • Kathy N.
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  • Kat S.
  • Kristine B.
  • Leanne T.
  • Laura H.
  • Lee K.
  • Linda K.
  • Lisa L.
  • Luciana L.
  • Lynn R.
  • Maggie D.
  • Mary L.
  • Melanie L.
  • Michael M.
  • Molly T.
  • Murili M.
  • Natalya T.
  • Patricia B.
  • Patricia S.
  • Patty H.
  • Pauline F.
  • Randy C.
  • Rene L.
  • Robin S.
  • Samuel C.
  • Sara G.
  • Sara R.
  • Victoria H.

Did You Know?

  • $10 pays for one cat’s microchip
  • $25 pays for one cat’s vaccines
  • $25 pays for one cat’s neuter
  • $50 pays for one cat’s spay
  • $400 pays for standard dental care
  • $400 pays for a complete senior vet trip
  • $500 pays for eye surgery