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100% of our donations go to the cats—no one gets paid a salary. You make everything we do possible with your generous support. We hope you will continue to make all of our efforts for the cats and kittens we rescue possible!


You can contribute a one time amount for general needs or you can mark your donation as reoccurring and the kitties will receive a donation every month from you! This will allow us to put the funds where they are needed the most

You can, of course,  send a check via regular mail to our address if you prefer.

Pay Adoption Fee

If you have adopted a cat or need to put a deposit on a cat or kitten please use the button below.


Please also remember to put the name or names of the kitties your are adopting in the note section.

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There are even more ways to help us.

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Our Q2 Supporters!

Monthly Subscriber

  • Amy C.
  • Beth L.
  • Diana M.
  • Diane H.
  • Eleanor S.
  • Junetta L.
  • Nancy J.
  • Natalie L.
  • Richard M.
  • Susan F.
  • Luciana L.
  • Susan K.


  • Amy S.
  • Annette L.
  • Christine D.
  • Georgia J.
  • Janet D.
  • Linda A.
  • Lynnette D.
  • Amy C.
  • Damon W.
  • JoAnn D.
  • Kimberly B.
  • Pauline F.
  • Kathleen H.: Ben the Burmese
  • Deb M.: Thanks for all you do.
  • Natalie L: For the Orientals
  • John S. : I enjoy volunteering with PPCR to help out with fostering and transport whenever we can. It makes every day a little brighter to read good news about fosters and adoptions on the mailing list. I am glad to support this org and I hope this donation helps out with all of the special needs cats that PPCR has rescued this year.
  • Bonnie H. : In memory of our dear friend Karen Pierce from Bonnie Belles & Crazy 8’s
  • Arielle S. : Oriental Shorthair Rescues
  • Mona S. : Oriental Shorthair Rescues
  • Dianne D. : Oriental Shorthair Rescues
  • Denorah H. : Oriental Shorthair Rescues
  • Robin D. : This donation is in honor of your Sasha, and in memory of my Aby Sasha who passed on May 23, 2009. I remember when you first posted about your Sasha and felt a strange connection as I had just lost mine. They looked so alike.. I could not adopt her but checked on her on your web site and was so grateful for the foster family that was taking care of her. Thank you for giving her these last years.
  • Wayne S. : This is a gift donation to Liz Benishin for her birthday.  This donation is in honor of Snowdrop and the foster mom of Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. We just adopted Snowdrop.

Did You Know?

  • $10 pays for one cat’s microchip
  • $25 pays for one cat’s vaccines
  • $25 pays for one cat’s neuter
  • $50 pays for one cat’s spay
  • $400 pays for standard dental care
  • $400 pays for a complete senior vet trip
  • $500 pays for eye surgery